Six years ago, Hieronymus was a small studio operating out of an industrial space in New York. Today, after considerable hard work, perseverance, and working with some of the best clients in the country… it still is.

Hieronymus (/her • on-a • muss/)

Hieronymus works with the best brands in the country to provide conceptually dynamic, unique, and intelligent graphic solutions. Founded in 2008, we do more than make things look beautiful: we put your brand into perspective, crafting your messaging and telling your stories in interesting ways.

How We're Different

It’s a big family at Hieronymus. We work with both full-time staff members and a wide range of contractors to create laser-precision, customized teams for your unique project. Some days the studio is just a few people—other days it’s brimming over with creative ideas from all over New York. Either way, you’re getting some of the best minds this city has to offer.


Hieronymus is run by husband-and-wife team Julia and Chris Thomas. After living and working in Pittsburgh and Hawaii, the two settled in New York City to work at various design studios before opening their own shop, first in Brooklyn, followed by Manhattan.

Julia Thomas

Julia brings over a decade of design and branding experience to the leadership at Hieronymus. Julia’s previous experience as a designer and creative director in New York has given her the opportunity to work with clients ranging from philanthropies to in-house design departments and international corporate firms. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design in 2004, Julia has been responsible for numerous political and social justice gallery exhibitions. Her work has appeared in exhibitions around the globe; most recently in the exhibit and book by the same name, Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age.

In addition to her experience as a creative director, Julia taught Introduction to Typography at the University of Hawaii. She likes to spend her weekends traveling or scouring New York for the best new restaurants—or at least she did, before her son was born earlier this year.

Chris Thomas

Like Julia, Chris has over ten years experience in design and branding. He spent the first few years of his career in New York freelancing for a number of small and large clients before accepting a job at one of New York’s premiere boutique design studios. In past years he has toured the country speaking about political action and design, but these days spends most of his time working within the confines of New York. His work has been written about in numerous printed and online publications, and his designs have been archived for posterity through The Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Aside from his work with Hieronymus, Chris has been an adjunct professor in the School of Visual Art’s MFA Interaction Design program, and has curated numerous political art and design exhibitions alongside his wife. Outside the design world, Chris enjoys reading The New Yorker and watching movies that no one else enjoys.


Hieronymus provides design-driven solutions for wide range of project types

Print Design

We’re no strangers to press checks, Pantone chips, and knowing the difference between knocking out and overprinting. We’ve overseen design and production on printed pieces ranging from runs in the hundreds to the millions.

Motion Graphics

With a focus on bringing original designs and storylines to life, Hieronymus creates motion graphics for online, broadcast, and cinema. Our team of copywriters, storyboarders, illustrators, art directors, and animators can jump in to work with your team at any step in the process. Our motion graphics clients range from organizations eager to tell their stories and introduce important initiatives, to large agencies looking for an outside perspective.


A brand isn’t a logo. It’s not a quippy tagline. A brand is what people think and feel about an organization. It’s a thoughtful expression of a company’s values and goals. We create robust design systems that express those values in fun, engaging ways that stand the test of time.

Editorial Illustration

It’s the perfect visual brain teaser: summarize an idea or concept within a single image—and do it in a few hours. That’s why we love editorial illustration. Be it poetically eloquent or blunt-force trauma, they put the studio in a frenzy, and make it feel like we’re all back in school again.


We create campaigns in all shapes or sizes. No, that’s a lie. We’ve never done a national ad campaign. But we’d love to give it a try!


It goes without saying that strategy is involved in every aspect of the design process, whether it’s a 30-second commercial or creating layouts for a printed campaign. However if you just want to spend a few hours talking over ideas, researching wireframes, or tossing taglines against the wall, we’re always here to lend an ear.

Selected Clients & Partners

We’re proud to call every one of these clients ours

  • The Atlantic
  • Bloomberg
  • Blue Engine
  • Buzzfeed
  • FiveThirtyEight
  • Google
  • GuideStar
  • Happy Family
  • Liquidnet
  • Mastercard
  • Mullen
  • The New York Times
  • Northstar Travel Media
  • Phocuswright
  • The Smithsonian
  • Time Magazine
  • Vox
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • The Watson Fellowship

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