We all have the ability to speak up, to stand up, and to impact the course of this country

Posters by Bonnie Siegler and Brett Yasko

Posters by Woody Pirtle and Tomi Um

Posters by Michael Beirut and Paul Sahre

Posters by Larkin Werner and Matt Dorfman

30 Reasons

Another day. Another reason.

30 Reasons was a 30-day online poster campaign for the election and reelection of President Barack Obama. First started in 2008, we asked 30 artists to participate in a simple exercise: create as single poster that voiced a reason to support Barack Obama. The 30 Reasons campaign turned those posters around utilizing a drip-feed method of distribution, releasing one poster per day for the thirty days leading up November 6th. Each day a poster was released at 10am through email distribution, Twitter, and on Facebook. Each poster came pre-packaged to share with the world, with links to forward, Tweet, and post the content, as well as links to sign others up for the distribution list. This method allowed the project to start small and pick up steam over the coming days: starting in 2008 with just a few hundred names, 30 Reasons ended the campaign with nearly 10,000 email addresses, and an online reach in the hundreds of thousands. In 2012, the numbers ballooned from there, expanding in ways we never saw coming.

By 2012 we had garnered the attention of the Obama campaign, which featured us on their official 2012 Election Tumblr blog. The most positive messages were the ones we received from fellow supporters. The more upsetting messages resulted from our posters migrating from Tumblr to the front page of the Drudge Report, resulting in numerous threats against the project, our business, and our personal safety.

Still, the campaign couldn't have been more worth it.

Our sincerest thanks to all our artists, as well as the amazing team that helped create, support, and encourage the project.

A new poster was emailed out every day, each one optimized for quick and easy sharing online

Posters by Elizabeth Amorose and Adam Snetman

Posters by Mikey Burton and Mike Monteiro

Posters by Scott Stowell and Ted McGrath

Posters by Devin Washburn and Oliver Munday

Posters by Dan Blackman and Lindsay Ballant

Posters by Chaz Maviyane-Davies and Jesse Arneson

You know you’ve riled some feathers when Matt Drudge picks it up. But Obama’s official Tumblr page did, too—so we think it evens out

On Friday afternoon we noticed a sharp increase in views—nearly 10,000 in a single hour. We were quick to discover why

And yes, still more posters:

Posters by Also and Post Typogrpahy

Posters by Chris Silas Neal and Hieronymus

Posters by Michael Freimuth and Hilary Greenbaum

Posters by Brian Rea and Debbie Millman

Posters by Neil Donnelly and Christopher Brand