See the immense power for corporate good online and in motion

Corporate Impact

An initiative by Liquidnet for Good, Corporate Impact asks us all to tap into the vast capabilities of corporations to create social and financial value that's "real good, not feel good".

Hieronymus was thrilled to design a campaign sharing such an important message. We established brand elements, designed and developed the website, created a series of infographics, and animated a 2-minute piece introducing Corporate Impact. By the time we were finished, Corporate Impact was powered by a succinct, engaging online presence to help spread the word.

View Corporate Impact online here

Mobile and desktop wireframes were taken into consideration from the first step of the design process

Infographics were used throughout the site to better explain the concepts behind the initiative

But it’s more than a website.
Hear the story of Corporate Impact below.

still cover image for the Vimeo embed