Branding in motion on a different scale

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Liquidnet, Brand Bumper

Liquidnet has an extensive and beautiful set of brand guidelines. They define styles for printed, online, and advertising graphics—but what about something in motion? Hieronymus defined the Liquidnet brand in movement, creating a branded bumper for in-house video pieces. The tagline “On A Different Scale” became the mantra for contrasting sizes of text and branded elements throughout, while the vibrant use of color helps distinguish Liquidnet from the oft-understated world of finance.

Hieronymus worked hand-in-hand with CypherAudio to create custom music to convey the Liquidnet brand through sound. To contrast the bold, colorful visuals, the audio was designed to be minimal and slightly tonal. In the end, there's nothing subtle about this brand bumper—and that’s just the way they like it.