Upgrading the social sector’s information infrastructure has never been so much fun (really)

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Markets For Good

Born out of a collaboration between The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Liquidnet, Markets for Good imagines a social sector powered by information. They’re helping organizations share and act upon data; and at the end of the day that means more effective programming, and capital going to the organizations having the biggest impact.

Long before we redesigned their website, Hieronymus was brought on to tell the story of Markets for Good. On day one, we whittled down a 15-page epic into a 2-minute explanation. We developed a complex understanding of the information infrastructure in order to design and illustrate the complexities of the process. All that was set to music and packaged in a fun, easily-digested animation that kicked off the effort.

Since its launch, Markets for Good has been a resounding success. We’re proud to be part of such an important initiative.

Some early sketches and their fully-illustrated counterparts