A brand refresh for the most trusted name in worldwide travel data

Phocuswright Brand Refresh

Phocuswright is the most trusted name in the B2B travel industry—which is why rebranding them was such a challenge. They've got some serious street cred, so the refresh was pitched as evolutionary, not revolutionary.

By simplifying the capitalization and typefaces, and brightening up the color palette, the logo became more sleek and modern. But by keeping and updating the recognizable “P” icon, the refreshed brand took on a look that didn't make Phocuswright’s clients think they were changing any of their core company values.

With a new tagline and a brand campaign, the refreshed brand was launched to rousing success amongst Phocuswright’s clients. Old clients were kept, and with a new look and feel, a new generation of clients came onboard.

The original Phocuswright logomark

Previous mark
The “P” was clunky and hard to read

Updated mark
Streamlined and modernized, with a more distinct “P”

Dated tyeface and unfamiliar capitalization led to an outdated and difficult to understand logotype
Simplifying the spelling made the name easier to understand. Choosing a typeface with a taller x-height made for better on-screen reading of secondary text. We customized the typeface to make the logo more ownable.
Sub-brands within the new identity system

The brand launched with a smart, data-focused, and splashy online and print campaign