A not-so-by-the-numbers video series pitch for everyone’s favorite statistician

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The New York Times, Nate Silver

In 2013, the New York Times statistician Nate Silver was on fire. The Times commissioned us to put together a pitch for an upcoming series in which Nate discussed the news of the day and related it back to the world of statistics. Our job was a holistic approach to the visuals, from the intro and on-screen graphics to cadence, live-action angles, and other elements to help set the overall tone. The project was fast and a lot of fun.

Nate announced his leaving The Times midway through the project design, which resulted in its immediate tabling. However it was fun while it lasted, and was a joy to work once again with the amazing creative team over at the New York Times.

Production sketch
We proposed camera angles, locations, and other elements for live-action segments